Many sports fans call LeBron James the GOAT, comparing him to other NBA legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And they certainly have a point; James is a four-time NBA MVP award winner, and he’s also won three NBA championships. Not to mention, he recently became part of the billionaire boys club. But if you asked James who he credits for much of his success, he would likely point to his wife.

Savannah James is, of course, the wife of the superstar athlete, but she is also a mother, businesswoman and the glue that keeps her family together. And even though LeBron wears many hats, he’s certainly not a one-man team.

With the help of his beautiful wife, the family has built an empire, with no plans to stop. To learn how they became the power couple that they are today, here’s a timeline of LeBron and Savannah’s relationship.