Study Proves Affordable Housing In Black Communities Has Positive Results

It can lead to greater racial and income integration in black neighborhoods than in white ones

Photo credit:Photo: Jahi Chikwendiu / The Washington Post

| July 10 2017,

8:41 pm

A new study by Stanford economists looks to answer that question.

According to research conducted by Stanford professors Rebecca Diamond and Tim McQuade, affordable housing is a key factor in increasing racial and income integration in black communities.

Affordable housing also was shown to lower crime rates and to raise property values.

The bill would make it so that states that collect and hold federal tax credits for affordable housing would no longer have to tell local officials that affordable housing complexes were being planned in their communities.

The idea is that this would keep people from blocking affordable housing developments out of fear of certain people moving into their neighborhoods.

By having affordable housing going to neighborhoods across the economic spectrum, more people would be able to experience the racial and economic benefits that the Stanford professors found.

If you'd like to read Diamond and McQuade's work for yourself, it will be published later this year in The Journal of Political Economy.