After the killing of 20-year-old Florida rapper XXXTentacion Monday, June 18, many folks on Twitter have been quick to declare their sympathies or lack thereof for the artist who had an alleged history of domestic abuse and violence toward the gay community. 

For many, his actions can't be forgiven even after his passing.

Blavity reported XXXTentacion was leaving a South Florida motorcycle dealership when a gunman approached his vehicle and shot him. Witnesses said he was unresponsive and had no pulse at the scene. 

Rapper Jidenna tried to weigh in on the incident. When news broke pronouncing XXXTentacion's death, he said the Miami rapper was too young to die and had the potential to change like someone of Malcolm X's stature.

"For those who are so woke that their compassion is asleep, remember this...if Malcolm X was killed at the age of 20, he would have died an abuser, a thief, an addict, and a narrow-minded depressed & violent criminal," he wrote in a tweet. "So, I believe in change for the young."

Allegations became public last year when Pitchfork obtained a 142-page transcript of a reported victim's testimony. It detailed graphic displays of abuse. The woman claimed  XXXTentacion slapped her and crushed her iPhone for complimenting a male friend.

He also allegedly threatened to shove a barbecue utensil into her privates as punishment. Later in 2016, he was accused of punching, elbowing and brutalizing the woman for allegedly having sex with another man.

Jidenna's tweet set off Twitter, of course. Many claimed Jidenna has an ahistorical view on Malcolm X's life. Others challenged him for equating XXXTentacion's troubled early years which includes abuse allegations to that of the famed civil rights freedom fighter Malcolm X. 

After a storm of backlash, Jidenna has attempted to clarify his statement. He wrote on Twitter that XXXTentacion's life was cut short, and he may have changed. "I do believe kharma was at work, however, so I pray that men heed this warning and that we revere women more than any generation b4 us," he tweeted.