Most will remember him for the loud and colorful suits he wore on the air as he interviewed NBA players and coaches.

Others will remember the fierce battle he fought against leukemia, the disease that ultimately took his life today at 65 years old.

For this columnist, however, I'll simply remember a TV reporter who worked hard to get the job done. Best of all, he was a nice man, working or not.

Photo: The Shadow League

Many will always think of Sager for his work on TNT's NBA broadcasts. He was a wonderful sideline reporter who asked the questions most at home wanted to ask if they had the opportunity.

Maybe it's just the baseball lover in me, but I was always most impressed that Sager was the reporter who interviewed Hank Aaron after he hit his 715th home run to surpass Babe Ruth. There's Sager in the middle of a history-making moment in pro sports, interviewing Aaron and his mother and father at home plate. It's classic video.

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