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We Cram To Understand What Happened to Cam

Cam Newton was all over the NFL news headlines around this time last year.The Carolina Panthers were surging into the playoffs after dominating for most of the regular season. Newton was becoming the new face of the NFL and was a surefire hit to earn the NFL MVP. And he did just that. Also, there was an inkling of "Too Black, Too Strong" in comments Cam made leading up to and...

Male Athletes Degrading Women On College Campuses

For the fifth time in the last three months, four universities have punished a men’s athletic team after discovering messages that degrade women. This week, Princeton University’s men’s swim team and Washington University’s men’s soccer team season were suspended after finding documents that were deemed sexually harassing and degrading. Upon unearthing the...

An Appreciation Of Craig Sager

Most will remember him for the loud and colorful suits he wore on the air as he interviewed NBA players and coaches.Others will remember the fierce battle he fought against leukemia, the disease that ultimately took his life today at 65 years old.For this columnist, however, I'll simply remember a TV reporter who worked hard to get the job done. Best of all, he was a nice man,...