Andrew Gillum Promises To Ensure Every Vote Is Counted In Florida: 'We're Not Going To Be Hushed'

"Let these folks know that we are not going to be ignored," Gillum said.

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| November 14 2018,

3:54 pm

Andrew Gillum will not be silenced; he will not be "hushed!"

On Saturday, Florida's Democratic gubernatorial candidate officially retracted his concession.

The governor's race is a close one in Florida. According to CNN, a machine recount of ballots has GOP candidate Ron DeSantis at 49.59 percent of the vote and Gillum at 49.18 percent as of Tuesday.

As he eagerly awaits to hear whether he'll be getting a new job, the current mayor of Tallahassee spoke at New Mount Olive Baptist Church, Real Clear Politics reports

In a powerful speech, Gillum defended the democratic process and encouraged those gathered at the church where he spoke to fight against voter suppression. 

"The task at our hand right now is that we show up and we show out in this process and let these folks know that we are not going to be ignored," Gillum said. "We're not going to be hushed. We're not going to be sat to the side. We're not going to be told that we don't have a seat at the table. We're going to bring our own folding chair if we've got to. We'll bring our own table if we must. But we're going to do our job to make sure that this process works for all of us.”

The gubernatorial candidate warned those at the church to be on alert against voter suppression. Citing the 2000 presidential election, the candidate asked supporters to push back against Republicans should the current governor work to stall the recount. "They don't get to shut down the process because they don't like how the votes are going," Gillum said.

Closing his speech, the candidate said he doesn't want the recount to proceed so that he can win, but so that democracy will prevail. 

"Democracy is for all of us," he said.

Check out his full speech below. 

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