Black kids are working harder than ever to maintain high GPAs, test scores and extracurriculars to earn millions in scholarship money to attend top colleges and universities. Meanwhile, white people are paying tons of money to get their children into prestigious schools with few academic accolades.

The recent college admissions scandal, which included Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman and Fuller House’s Lori Loughlin, among 33 other parents, highlights their efforts to get white kids ahead of already privileged status. As a result, participants are facing federal charges for cheating and bribery for paying between $200K and $6 million to schools like the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles, Stanford and Georgetown. 

Despite the foolery, Black students are still working twice as hard to gain the same level of equity as their white peers. Check out these scholars who are reaping the benefits of their hard work after earning several college acceptances and hundreds of thousands in funding.

1. Jordan Nixon

As Blavity previously reported, Jordan Nixon, a Douglas County, Georgia, teen was accepted into 39 colleges and universities with schools offering her over $1.6 million in scholarships. While the 17-year-old is still determining what school she wants to attend, the cheerleading co-captain and Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy member said she wanted to show others it was possible. 

"I wanted to challenge myself," Nixon told Fox 5 Atlanta. "That was the most important thing for me, just to show others anything is possible and that anyone can accomplish it, too." 

2. Kayla E. Willis

Fulton County, Georgia, student Kayla E. Willis went viral when she announced via Twitter her acceptance into 40 colleges. The Westlake High School teen earned an 1160 SAT score and 3.95 GPA, opening doors for offers from Spelman, Auburn University, Alabama, Notre Dame and LSU. 

Her hard work also garnered her $900,000 in scholarship money. Willis plans to attend HBCU Fisk University on a full-ride scholarship, where she plans to study international business and Spanish.

3. Dylan Chidick

Dylan Chidick overcame several setbacks which impacted his family including poverty and illness. The once homeless teen struggled alongside his mother who was unable to work due to health issues, which ultimately led to their eviction. Chidick and his two younger twin brothers who suffer from a heart condition were forced to live in a shelter before receiving help from Village of Families, a housing program funded by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

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The Trinidad-born 17-year-old's determination led him to earn 17 college acceptances and a full scholarship from "Give Something Back," which he was awarded Thursday. 

“My family went through a lot and there has been a lot of people saying, ‘you can’t do that,’ or ‘you’re not going to achieve this,’ and me – getting these acceptances – kind of verifies what I have been saying. I can do it and I will do it,” Chidick shared with CBS New York.

4. Michael Love 

Although Detroit teen Michael Love struggled at the beginning of high school, he pushed himself to achieve academic success. His work ethic and grit led him to successfully gain over $300,000 in scholarship awards and acceptances to 41 colleges. The Cornerstone Health and Technology student, who applied to over 50 schools, plans to be an aerospace engineer.

According to WXYZ, the National Honor Society member and varsity basketball player fought past the naysayers to "show people I’m better than what they think I am.”

5. Tytianna Smith

In 2017, Lafayette High School senior Tytianna Smith from Lafayette, Alabama, applied to over 50 schools and was accepted into 49 of the institutions. She received $1.7 million in total scholarship money and announced her plans to attend HBCU Norfolk University.

Smith is the co-founder of campus organization “Warriors of Women” and served as co-drum major while achieving a 4.6 GPA and 29 ACT score.

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