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Brittni Abiolu Brittni Abiolu


Brittni is a millennial, entrepreneur and investor in the IT and credit and lending industries. She writes about her experiences as a business owner and uses data and information from reliable sources to back up what she writes about. Through her writing she aims to educate other entrepreneurs on how to improve their credit and finances, obtain business capital and build successful businesses doing what they love.

Brittni Abiolu's posts

4 Types of Insurance You Shouldn’t Live Without

Adulthood can seem like excessive expenses for protecting the things you finally earned enough money to have in the first place. Though these extra insurances may seem unnecessary, failure to get the right type of protection for your possessions could cost you much more in the long run. Also, the plans are a lot easier to understand than you’ve been lead to believe.Learn the...

4 Simple Ways To Become An Investor And Grow Your Income Starting Now

You’re likely reading this because you’ve come to a point in your life where you want to make your money work for you. Saving for the future is important but it isn’t enough. Smart investing is just as significant. Investing helps you earn interest on your money. It grows your net worth and puts you in a different tax bracket (when done right). While all this is true,...

Building Business Credit 101: Tips To Increase Your Access To Capital

Having a business credit card is important for growth. It’s one of the easiest unsecured lines of credit to access and use. When you’re in a cash flow pinch, it’s a good backup. You should know creditors require some personal information for approval, but what they require varies. Business owners may be wondering, "Can I apply for business credit card with DUNS...