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FananHailu's posts

The Complexity And Confusion My Dual Identity Often Carries As An Eritrean In Britain

I write this post in a coffee shop cocooned in the heart of London. I do not feel British enough. I'm not exactly sure what it is that is missing, but I know that I'm always on the search for it. My interchanging identity is that of my Eritrean heritage, but to them, I speak with a diluted accented and I'm not well versed enough with traditions and rituals. I am "deki...

5 Tell Tale Signs That You May Need Some Time Out

Capitalism has consumed us all. It is the reason you have a million tabs open in your brain, on your computer, on your phone - it is because we have been conditioned to believe that if we are not doing something at every waking moment, we are ultimately not doing enough. Folded into that is the development of social media over the last decade, every day is a timeline full of things...