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Ghia Smith

Ghia Smith's posts

Trap Music Vs. My Morals As A Woman

From loving Sosa to finding a little baby who gon' listen, trap music seems to have made its mark on hip-hop. So many conflicting thoughts surrounding the lyrics, music videos and overall message has people talking. We live in a generation saturated in activism, so how in the world can a feminist or womanist listen to something that goes against all of their values?Being a woman in...

5 Reasons Why We Still Call Our Moms

My mom likes to refer to herself as "Mrs. Fix It" because growing up, we think that's what moms do; they fix everything. It's like they have some sort of superpower. With a power, however, comes limitations or weaknesses. We don't get along all the time. We argue and bump heads, but that's okay. Every healthy relationship has its ups and downs, but the love...

Are You Dating Right?

Let’s be clear. Dating is not just texting with empty promises and posting aesthetically pleasing #RelationshipGoals via Twitter and Instagram. Dating is spending quality time with a person of your choosing while establishing a general connection via conversation and similarities. Contrary to common belief, opposites do not always attract. Psychologically speaking, we prefer...