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Megan P.


Freelance Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Book Addict, Sarcasm Enthusiast, Professional Overthinker...........Model. Houston, Tx by way of New Orleans, La. Follow my shenanigans almost everywhere @TheRealMeganP

Megan P.'s posts

Who's That Girl? Why Tiffany Haddish Is Our New Favorite Ghetto Superstar And Comedy Genius

Meet Tiffany Haddish, our new favorite ghetto superstar.She is the diamond in the rough. She is the rose that grew from the concrete curbs of South Central Los Angeles. She is the 37-year-old comedic genius who recently became a household name in what almost seems like overnight, and THIS is her moment.She has a pretty extensive resume when it comes to guest appearances on television...

Why We All Need A Jessica Dime On Our Team

When we think about reality TV nowadays, most days we think about a watered down, scripted, documentary series, mixed with a cast of "celebrities" and a plot line surrounded around weightless drama, and petty fights. Most of these fights can appear to exploit female friendships weekly on national television, predominately black female friendships, leaving many of them broken...

7 Bestselling Memoirs Written By Black Women That Inspire Us To Live Out Loud

I've always been a sucker for a good biography. There's something about being pulled into someone else's story that is just so intriguing to the mind of the reader....their trials, their triumphs, and discovering how many of us are actually more alike than we think we're different. In our womanhood, most especially women of color, we can find ourselves being torn apart...