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Paulana Lamonier

Paulana Lamonier is a multimedia journalist who loves to tell compelling stories. She loves Jesus, chocolate and still cries when she watches the ending of 'Set it Off.' Check out her latest updates on her new site,

Paulana Lamonier's posts

You’re Probably Using Your Checking Account Incorrectly — Here’s Why

It’s payday and your direct deposit just hit your bank account.When it comes to managing your finances and building wealth, first things first, you’ve got to know the basics. Having and knowing what's a checking and savings account is generally the first order of business.The BreakdownA checking account is a bank account that one can use to deposit and withdraw money,...

7 Apps to Help You With Your Budget

If you want to find out what’s happening in the world, your friend’s lives or their birthdays, you go on Facebook. If you want to see the latest trends in fashion, inspirational posts or celebrity updates, you head to Instagram. For real-time news, sans algorithm, you go on Twitter.What apps do you use when it comes to your finances?Managing your checking account, saving up...