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UCTheGreat Uche Nwamah

Uchechukwu Nwamah is an up and coming writer out of Florida. His political commentary, and Op-Ed’s are to be featured on many publications. When he is not writing he is either listening to Kanye West’s entire discography or explaining to random people at grocery stores why Tomatoes are not a fruit.

UCTheGreat's posts

Excuse Me While I Unpack The Deeper Complexity Of Kanye's 'SNL' Rant

There is much to be said about Kanye West. No, like, there is actually a lot to say about Kanye West. But as of now, his most recent off-the-air SNL stunt is getting a lot of buzz. When it comes to West, much of what he is says is usually written off because he often tends to speak “incoherently” or “ramble,” and like most of the pseudo intellectual elites who...

Here’s How I Think HBCU Alumni And The Institutions Themselves Can Better Financially Help Potential Students

You’re early to your eight a.m. college class, signaling that it's either the first day of school, or you took one of those super necessary afternoon naps the day before. You sit in the black and you start to see students shuffling in with their coffee and laptops. One kid enters with his music blaring unnecessarily loud, a group of girls walk in discussing their summer break...

Here's My Problem With Don Lemon Saying Kanye West Is 'Not Very Bright'

Kanye West, one of the black community's most outspoken figures, has returned home to Chicago. This year has been full of highs and lows for West: he produced five albums, including his own, and he has been releasing more apparel from his Yeezy line, but he has also been in the media a lot more, often with negative press. West wore the MAGA hat, which is already a huge strike in the...