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6 Reasons Why Kanye West’s New Cult — I Mean Church — Is Cause For Pause

There’s no denying that some of Kanye West’s erratic antics in recent years have created cause for concern, especially among ride-or-die fans. When he first transitioned from producer to rapper, he was revered as one of the best conscious rappers of our generation. Because his brazen candor somehow spoke to his profundity as an artist and illuminated his own self-awareness...

T&A Will Never Go Away: Why #ThotAudit Is Not Only Sexist, But A Waste Of Everyone's Time

In late November, members of inherently sexist “men’s rights” and incel subcultures took to the internet to exercise the only talent they seem to have at their disposal: Harassing and intimidating strangers online.Thirsty for attention and driven by self-righteous hate under a guise of moral piety, digital trolls came out from under their respective bridges in droves...