Woman Ditched By Fiancé On Her Wedding Day After Paying For Everything Is Considering Giving Him Another Chance


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| February 26 2019,

6:42 pm

Imagine spending months excitedly prepping for when you marry your true love, only to be ditched at the altar. Now, imagine that happening and being the bride who paid for everything, including the honeymoon.


According to the New York Post, one woman, identified only as Sasha, went through just that, and she's now considering giving him a second chance. 

Sasha, who chose only to be identified by her first name, revealed that she spent nearly $3,000 on her wedding gown, $2,400 for the DJ, $4,000 on a photographer and $2,000 on other various expenses. Her groom's offering? A measly $300 so Sasha could get her hair and nails done.

Sasha learned she wouldn't be getting married while she and her friends were at the hotel.

“I was at the hotel getting ready with my girls when this went down. 10 years gone in 10 minutes," she wrote to The Shade Room in October, noting the wedding venue turned all her guests away when they arrived.

Despite the embarrassing experience, Sasha says she would still marry her beau.


Speaking with talk show host Dr. Phil in December 2018, the woman said her fiancé informed her he suffered a "nervous breakdown," and it wasn't his fault he couldn't follow through with the nuptials. He claims that leaving her on their wedding day was also the biggest mistake of his life, and the couple has since reconnected.

"Are you considering marrying him?" Dr. Phil asked her.

"I'm considering it, but I have terms," Sasha told the daytime host, who responded to inquire as to whether those plans included handcuffs. 

Sasha's friends and family vehemently oppose any reconciliation and told her they would disown her if she forgives the man for his wrongdoings. 

However, the woman also blames herself for "not seeing the red flags," which include covering her fiancé's half of the payment for the photographer when he neglected to pay his portion.

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