A vacation in Kenya went left for activist Brittany Packnett ‏and political commentator Symone Sanders. On Thursday, Packnett posted a series of tweets outing a Kenya Airways passenger who attacked her and Sanders. She said the man threw water at her and attacked the two women. 

"Here is a picture of the white man who cussed at us for asking him to quiet down and then THREW WATER ON ME and tried to fight me and @SymoneDSanders in the @KenyaAirways Simba lounge. @Delta," she captioned her tweet.

In another tweet, Packnett said an attendant tried to calm the man. After the attendant called security, the man charged at Packnett and Sanders in the Kenya Airways Simba Lounge. The attacker "walked over and doused me with water as I was sitting," she said.

She also noted the man attempted to charge her until Sanders pushed him back. Other men stood nearby in their defense. 

Packnett called Delta, the partner company to Kenya Airways. She identified the assailant as Ducan Conrad Hockey, a British citizen. In another tweet, she mentioned "security took nearly 30 minutes to arrive." 

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As Blavity previously reported, comedian Gary Owen called out Delta for allegedly racially profiling his wife. The 44-year-old said his wife and daughter were mistreated on Sunday. His wife was asked if she was in first class while standing in the priority line to board the Cincinnati Airport flight. No other passengers were questioned about their first-class status. 

The police were eventually called, and Packnett reported soreness in another tweet from having to fight the man off of her. Sanders updated her followers with a tweet saying the man was arrested.

"UPDATE: He is being arrested and we are getting on our flight. Honestly, this was just so unfortunate and I hope @Delta and Kenyan Airways get better systems in place. I was so terrified. Grateful for the Good Samaritans in the lounge. Onward and to the light," she wrote.

After the traumatic ordeal, Packnett, unfortunately, was "reminded that Black women can never be victims in some folks eyes" after racist Twitter users countered her claims. 

Peep the ignorance:

Do much, much better, Delta. 

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