Chaka Khan’s hair is just as iconic as her powerful vocals, and she doesn’t care what a hater has to say about it.

The singer spoke to HuffPost to promote Chaka By Indique, an upcoming line of hair extensions.

Khan believes some of her power lies in her voluminous tresses.

“I’ve had big hair for the majority of my life,” she said. “To me, my hair is power. Like Samson and Delilah. I truly believe that.”

The conversation turned to the stigma surrounding hair extensions, and George Robert Fuller, Khan’s stylist, blamed patriarchy for the negativity.

“Because of men. We’re in the year of the woman,” Fuller said. “Women are embracing what they want and less of what a man wants them to have. A lot of men would say, ‘I want it natural, I want this, I want that…’ But women are embracing what they want now. Pop culture changes everything. When musicians like Chaka and the new current people, when they’re doing something, then everybody jumps on the bandwagon.”

Khan is one of those women, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her wigs.

“I’m not trying to hear what a man is trying to say,” she said. “Men do so many things to enhance their own appearance. I’m very secure, I feel good. I like me, I like where I’m at right now.”

The “I'm Every Woman” singer believes Black women set the example for beauty.

“I travel all over the world. The minute Black women step outside of America, we’re golden,” she said. “We. Are. Golden. I’ve lived in Europe for many years, and the men always ask me, ‘Why is it that Black women try so hard to look like the white women? You are beautiful!’ We are the template for beauty.”

A release date for Chaka By Indique has not been announced, but interested shoppers can sign up for the newsletter for updates.

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