The "can non-black folks say n****r / n***a?" debate is as cyclical as the seasons. Ever since black people reclaimed the term, nonblack people seem to have come to some understanding that it is okay for them to use the slur, as well.

Omarosa Manigault Newman told CBS News President Trump is one of these people and has suggested she has the audio to prove it.

Chrissy Teigen, one of Twitter's patron saints, took to the platform to tell the president and any other person who isn't black but fond of using the word n****r, there's a simple solution to the question of when it is alright to use the word.

That time, Teigen correctly wrote, is never.


Teigen also wrote she's managed not to say the word for her whole life and hasn't found doing so at all difficult:

Teigen did not even go for the out some have used, the old, "Well, I technically have a black child" excuse. She doesn't say it. Novel concept! 


Of course, white folks were in her mentions defending their "right" to say it, and they had the right one with Teigen.

Nonblack N-word enthusiasts? Thanks for coming to Chrissy Teigen's TED Talk. 


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