Fans of City Girls rapper Yung Miami were put off by the artist in August when her old homophobic tweets resurfaced.  

Caresha Brownlee, one-half of The City Girls duo known by stage name Yung Miami, gained popularity after appearing on Drake’s summer anthem "In My Feelings."

During a Tuesday conversation with Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club, the rapper was questioned about tweets made several years ago in which she stated she wouldn't want a gay son.

“You had some tweets about the LGBT community, they didn’t like that either,” said Charlamagne.

“I didn’t tweet nothing about them,” Miami said. “I was just talking about my son, I said that if I saw anything gay about my son, I would beat him.”

“But that’s just like, your momma be like, ’If you break my table, I’m gonna beat the s**t outta you.’ That don’t mean she’s gonna beat the s**t outta you, she’s just sayin’. I don’t have nothing against gay people, but I wouldn’t want my son to be gay,” she continued.

Miami clarified that she felt as a mother she wouldn’t want her son to be gay.

"Just being a mother, I wouldn’t want my son dating the same sex, but I’m around gay people all the time,” the rapper shared.

“My stylist is gay; my cousin gay; I love gay people. My favorite cousin that died was gay," she added. "That don’t mean that I have nothing against gay people ’cause I don’t want my son to be gay.”

The rapper penned an open apology letter to fans that she shared on her Instagram page addressing the comments.

“I personally want everyone to understand that I personally didn’t mean any harm by saying those comments about my son’s sexuality. My deepest apologies and heart goes out [to] those who have seen that tweet and were offended by that,” she wrote.

Critics of the 24-year-old shared their thoughts about her statement and apology on Twitter:

DJ Envy also addressed her controversial tweets about Haitians, which she clarified. At the end of their discussion, Miami shared she was unsure why people were offended about the statements regarding her son.

“I mean, I apologized for it. I don’t know why they took it offensively,” Miami said.

The City Girls' album Girl Code drops on Friday.

You can watch the full Breakfast Club interview below: 

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