Countess Vaughn, of Moesha and The Parkers fame, has been granted an order of protection following domestic violence claims against her boyfriend. 

Vaughn claims her boyfriend, David Benjamin Richard Whitten, has abused her for years. According to a filing obtained by TMZ, the abuse included an incident this June in which Whitten threw bleach in Vaughn's face. Vaughn alleges Whitten hoped to ruin her acting career. 

The actress claims Whitten's insecurity led to a string of beating, slapping, strangulation and sexual assault incidents. Additionally, Vaughn claims Whitten threatened to kill her and to leak explicit videos of her. 

Whitten, who is the father of one of Vaughn's two children, was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Vaughn and her children. 

A hearing is set for September. 

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