Drake's "In My Feelings" has evolved into a larger-than-life sensation with Shiggy's #InMyFeelingsChallenge, and each new rendition of the viral dance has given us joy. In this most recent case, it's warming our hearts. 

Sofia Sanchez is a young patient awaiting a heart transplant at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, ABC 7 Chicago reports. Before her 11th birthday on August 18, she requested to meet Drake and posted the cutest #InMyFeelingsChallenge alongside her wheelchair. 

"I just had surgery three weeks ago. The surgery was to help my heart pump," Sofia said in her video message. "I love your music, and I was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday."

As cosmic timing would have it, Drake was set to perform in Chicago the same weekend as Sofia's birthday, according to BuzzFeed.

And as we all know from the video for "God's Plan," the Toronto rapper isn't a stranger to charitable acts.

So it is likely no surprise that the Scorpion rapper decided to head to the hospital to make her birthday that much better. 

After their adorable meeting, Drake took to Instagram to post pics of his new little BFF. 

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Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball????????????
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"Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball," read the caption in the picture of the two together.


Sofia got Drake's autograph, and he also got hers! Because well, she's a star now!

"This is the best birthday present I've ever had," Sofia said.


Check out the full video of their meeting below:

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