Coming up on the week of her 26th birthday, Coi Leray had some thoughts about the current music industry to get off her chest. The Trendsetter album creator took to Twitter on Monday to vent that there’s not enough room in the hip-hop space.

When it comes to the music business, she argues it’s “oversaturated” with too many emerging artists and hits. With the rise of TikTok, songs from up-and-coming musicians are more likely to become sensations.

“The music industry is oversaturated,” The “Players” singer tweeted. “Every song is a hit. Everybody is a star.”

That statement ignited a lot of debate across the Twitterverse. While many fans were quick to agree, others viewed the statement as arrogant, chiming in with their opinions and challenging Leray’s comments as presumptuous of the “cocky” artist. The “Blick Blick” artist quickly set the record straight, clapping back in response.

“I’m not cocky at all,” Leray wrote. “I’m human. I should be able to speak how I feel. Look at me like ya sistaaa when you need a have a drink and call. Don’t worry bootsyyy. It’s all love end of the day.”

Some went as far as to say the New Jersey native “benefited” off the “oversaturation,” especially as the daughter of TV personality and rapper Benzino.

“Y’all buggen,” The musician swiftly retweeted. “My versatility, my stage presence. My stats. My collabs. My brand deals. Fashion girl. I can dance. Sing. Rap. It’s fine if you don’t see it now. I’m in no rush for you to notice.”

Others also replied that Leray was wrong to criticize when her skyrocketing popularity was due to her virality on TikTok. But the award-nominated rapper had a clap back for that too — quick to list the attributes that set her apart from those who’ve had success on the clock app.

“How many people on TikTok went top 10 g[l]obal? How many on TikTok had the amount of success I had with NMP, TWINNEM, BIG PURR, DDG IMPATIENT, plus soooo many more,” Leray said.

The 25-year-old added in another tweet that there were no limitations to what she could do, further insisting she didn’t want to be “locked in a box” —  instead considering herself a “rapper, trapper, baller, singer, dancer,” and could one day “add actress to list.”

It seems the femcee is reflecting on her achievements. And truth be told, 2023 has seen a tremendous amount of success for Coi Leray so far.

Her debut album, Trendsetter, was named one of the best hip-hop projects of 2022. She then dropped “Players,” her first song to crack the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. Soon after, hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes jumped on an official “Players” remix.

All in all, the soon-to-be birthday girl had a lot to say about her versatility: “Lol, I’m that girl. Real life. Offline. In the booth. On the stage. On the red carpet. On the radio. Overseas. And that’s just what it is,” she added in a separate tweet.

“Shout out to my b*tches who stay true to themselves and dgaf what nobody has to say!”

Leray concluded her Twitter rant by saying the haters wouldn’t succeed in bringing her down, rather she was just giving them a “friendly reminder” of who she is.

“They not bringing me down,” Leray tweeted. “Just a friendly reminder.”