Sunday night was a long time coming for Euphoria fans as Rue (Zendaya) finally snatched up one of McKay’s younger twin brothers, Troy and Roy (Tyler and Tristan Timmons).

In addition to their overall bad behavior, this was the second episode that one twin of the duo insulted our lead anti-hero, and she had just about had enough. One of them (like Rue, we forget which one is which) is attempting to make a play for the younger Bennett sister, Gia (Storm Reid) but Rue is basically like, “Not on my watch!”

In a funny reference to its HBO predecessor, The Wire, Rue pulled Troy into a backroom at the party all of the teens were at and essentially told him that she was not the one to play with, as she had made some friends in rehab that she could call in an instant that would gather him. Our good sis named names…..which read like a laundry list of criminals from The Wire, from Omar (Michael K. Williams) to Marlo (Jamie Hector).

Twitter was here for both Rue and the nostalgia:


Zendaya herself also acknowledged it

Euphoria airs Sundays on HBO. 



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