Amid her SOS tour, unfounded romance theories have swept up “Sicko Mode” rapper Travis Scott and “Kill Bill” hitmaker SZA, with fans flocking to social media to speculate the artists may have crossed the delicate line between collaborators and romantic partners.

The duo has undoubtedly raised eyebrows with their flirty lyrics. Since the newest video of them performing together at a few of SZA’s U.K. shows last week went viral, they’ve done nothing to squash rumors of being the latest couple on the block.

According to Page Six, Scott and SZA fueled romance rumors when he performed at her show in Manchester, England, on June 13. The 32-year-old rapper and the 33-year-old singer are already known as frequent collaborators and friends. 

The Houston native and St. Louis songstress collaborated on the hit song “Love Galore” in 2017, a major fan favorite from her beloved CTRL album, which they also performed together in London on Saturday. They also collaborated on SZA’s 2023 album SOS on the song “Open Arms.”

“Everyone freaking out about Kylie and Timothee,” wrote in a TikTok referring to Scott’s ex and mother of his children, Kylie Jenner, and her rumored relationship with actor Timothée Chalamet.

The video then changes to a photo from Scott’s surprise performance with SZA at her concert in Manchester earlier this month, with text over the clip that reads, “Travis and SZA yesterday…Making their dating rumors official on stage.”

The viral video depicting their on-stage chemistry, viewed over 18 million times, received many comments from fans sharing their thoughts on the rumors surrounding the “Love Galore” collaborators.

The way travis looked at her🤪I wonder what Kylie thinks about them! #kyliejenner

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Several fans are rooting for the duo.

“Travis and SZA just make sense,” one user commented under the video.

“Been shipping Travis [and] SZA since love galore came out [for real],” someone else wrote.

“I been saiddddd Travis and SZA was dating since her first song with him they was giving off mad things in the song LOVE,” another comment read.

“They might as well date,” another fan wrote.

“They not beating the allegations I fear,” someone else added. 

These claims follow reports from Complex on Friday that the pair are reportedly recording new music together. SZA’s bodyguard was even pictured with Scott’s viral Utopia briefcase at the recording studio.

However, some slammed overreaching fans for spreading baseless rumors.

“SZA and Travis are just friends!! They perform together cause they have a Collab,” one critic argued.

“Do SZA and Travis know they are dating?” another jokingly said.

“Travis and SZA???? Did I miss [something]?” someone else wrote.

Both musicians appear to be officially single: Scott split from his longtime on-and-off girlfriend Jenner late last year, and SZA is notoriously private over her dating life. Also, neither party has confirmed or denied the rumors; it’s clear the consensus from many fans is “they would make a great couple.”