The Golden Globes reaps the harvest of its ill will. According to Deadline, the awards show’s ratings are an all-time low for NBC.

Nielsen won’t release the awards ceremony’s official numbers until Tuesday, but it appears that the Golden Globes’ ratings plummeted 60 percent in the 18-49 year old demographic and in overall viewership in comparison to the year prior. While this year’s Globes only had 5.4 million viewers, last year’s had 18.3 million.

Though this could be attributed to the pandemic, attention must be paid to the number of people, particularly people of color, who declared on Twitter their decision to boycott watching the awards ceremony because of the HFPA’s various scandals.

As has been reported previously on Shadow And Act, the governing body of the Golden Globes has been at the center of controversy for a variety of decisions, including not recruiting Black entertainment journalists to be among its ranks and overlooking performances by Black talent during the 2020-2021 awards season. The HFPA also angered viewers by placing American-made Minari in the foreign film category and for nominating performances and projects based on shmoozing campaigns rather than merit. All of these factors have led many fans to be turned off by the Golden Globes and instead chose to spend their time elsewhere.

The HFPA has since said they would commit to adding Black journalists to the organization, but Time’s Up President and CEO Tina Tchen responded to the organization’s lackluster response by calling it purely “cosmetic.”