NBC’s Good Girls has sadly come to an end.

The series has been canceled in its fourth season, according to Deadline. There was at one point hope that NBC might be able to swing a fifth season from the series, but the finances didn’t work out. The final five episodes of the fourth season will air throughout the rest of June and in July.

Fans might have also hoped that Good Girls could continue at a streamer, particularly Netflix, since Good Girls’ prior seasons have been popular on the streaming service. But Deadline reports that Universal Television will not try to sell it to another streaming service.

The series starred Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman as wives who are trying to make ends meet through criminal enterprise. In May, the cast urged their fans to let NBC know their interest in the show.

“We would like very much to not get canceled,” wrote Whitman on Instagram Stories. “Apparently, we are on the bubble — which means [NBC’s] considering not bringing us back [for Season 5]. Let NBC and Netflix know how much you love us.”

Fans have already reacted to the news with disbelief and sadness. Whitman has also released a tweet about the cancellation with a link to the news and a picture from Good Girls of Hendricks covering Whitman’s eyes. She also posted the news to her Instagram Stories with emojis of a woman shrugging and a broken heart.

Retta and Hendricks have yet to comment on the cancellation news.

Good Girls has had a small cult following on NBC. The series was popular enough to have Megan Thee Stallion guest star in the third season of the series as a character named Onyx. However the series never rose to a ratings level that would ensure the series wouldn’t have to risk being on the bubble of cancellation.