If you want to get inside an artist’s mind, the best way is to listen deeply to their lyrics. Many rappers like Lil Tjay, 22, have revealed their inner thoughts on relationships, mental health, fake friends and more. On July 14, Lil Tjay announced his album 222 with a new single, “Foster Baby,” revealing his upbringing in foster care and later being adopted.

“I ain’t never tell my fans that I was adopted but f**k it, I’m givin’ you facts/ Started young, but now I’m a man but I’ma keep workin’, and I’ma keep givin’ you plaques/ Givin’ ’em pain, I just be livin’ in vain/ ‘Long as nobody talkin’ on my name,” he rapped.

On Thursday, Lil Tjay spoke with Ebro Darden about his latest project and the creative intentions behind 222, Vibe reported. The Bronx native revealed that his younger self was embarrassed by his life story, but now that he’s grown into maturity, he realizes it’s a vulnerable story that needs to be shared with his fans.

“I never addressed [being adopted] in none of my music. I be having so much stuff going on that it’s like, you really think about it, I ain’t even addressed that part of my life yet,” he told Darden.

“I felt like it was the right time, and I felt comfortable enough to say, because it’s like, you young, you think some s**t like that is embarrassing,” he said. “On the song, I say, I got to the point I feel like if I speak, it’s all right. I just talk about my living environment. I feel like it came up easy.”

Lil Tjay added that he hopes sharing his story will inspire listeners to be comfortable with being themselves.

“I feel like I can’t be scared to be vulnerable and maximize on telling my story, and just motivating people, and being regular,” he said. “I can’t be scared to be regular. I’m Tjay already, you know?”