Things are heating up between LaTisha Scott and Nell Fletcher. In a recent episode, the two got into an exchange during a group event at a Huntsville club. It appeared they were getting close as friends, but has since subsided. Urban Belle Mag reports signs of tension first showed when Latisha asked Nelle if she dealt with cheating in her marriage to Chris Fletcher. Nell confirmed such, but revealed she felt like the question came out of nowhere. Latisha didn’t find the question inappropriate, noting she was simply getting to know the couple. During the club event, Latisha called Nell feisty, which Nell took offensively. The issue seems petty, but in a recent interview with Dustin Ross on Carlos King’s Reality With the King podcast, Nell reveals the backstory behind their fallout.

Nell Fletcher says Latisha Scott is upset by her defining herself as a mentor instead of a friend

We’ve watched friendships fall apart since the first season of the OWN reality series. Apparently, Latisha took a liking to Nell, and viewed her as a mentor of their social group due to their age gap. Things became murky between the two when according to Nell, she called herself a mentor to Latisha, versus a friend, which set Latisha off.

“Everyone has been using the word friend loosely and reckless…I made a statement [online] saying ‘You have your own group of friends, I’m no more than a mentor to you.’ And I didn’t see anything wrong because she said it several times like ‘Ms. Nell I want to talk to you. I want to ask you some questions about marriage…’ You guys saw it in the scenes before,” Nell told Ross. “When I made that statement, it was bouncing off of her saying, ‘Oh my God you’re really sweet. You’re like the mentor of the group.’ You said it behind closed doors, but then when I say it for social media, you get mad at me and blow the hell up over a comment that I made.”