Family members of Love & Marriage: Huntsville star say they want Keke Jabbar to rest peacefully, and don’t want the anything related to the OWN reality show at her funeral.

Viewers are aware of the ongoing estrangement between Jabbar and Latisha Scott (her cousin) and Marsau Scott (her cousin-in-law) and Wanda Moore (her aunt) that took place throughout the last two seasons. Jabbar joined the cast as a recurring cast member two seasons ago as a friend to Melody Shari, who was an adversary of Latisha’s at the time.

News of her death surfaced on July 1. She was reportedly found unresponsive in her car in her garage by her husband. Her family has denied social media rumors about her death, saying she died accidentally of carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, her uncle says he doesn’t want anything involving LAMH at the upcoming memorial services.

Keke Jabbar’s uncle doesn’t want a ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ presence at the funeral

“[I’m] saying it publicly so it can get to…Wanda, it can get to her daughter, it can get to her sorry a** son-in-law. It can get to all those people on that show. The way that y’all treated her in life…y’all got her down there to Texas, and you alienated her. And my folks had to spend hours and hours and hours on the phone, trying to reassure her…to help build her confidence,” a man claiming to be her uncle said in an Instagram Live, as reported by The Jasmine Brand.

He continued, “Our entire life for months has been circled around her mental stability. And you guys did everything possible to push her over the edge.”

In specific reference to her funeral, the man directly requested that the cast not attend, saying, “We don’t want any problems, we peaceful people and we don’t want no problems, we don’t want no issues. We ask you, do not attend no service for my niece…keep her name out of your mouth. Stop going to these bloggers, feeding them information about what’s going on, because you don’t know what’s going on…you have no right…she would be here if it wasn’t for that stupid a** show.”