Meagan Good and Cory Hardrict sing Tyler Perry‘s praises for how he directed them in his latest film, Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black.

“It’s been incredible. I mean, Tyler is an angel and a genius and a beautiful spirit. And for us to be able to do this movie together, we had a lot of fun,” Good said in a recent interview with Blavity’s Shadow and Act.” We just got to kind of go for it and I also just think that the way that Tyler directs for me–I mean, I think Cory would probably agree–it’s wonderful because it’s like, we go in and it’s definitely a challenge and you’ve got to be completely over-prepared, but you’re also able to play. And then,he also challenges you to try different things or to approach it a different way. So the experience across the board was awesome. It was really, really, really fun.”

Meagan Good and Cory Hardrict ‘love’ working for Tyler Perry

“I love working for Mr. Perry,” Hardrict said. “He just lets me be creative, lets me be me, and he’s a collaborator, a man of that high level who just listens to you and go back and forth with notes. He wants to hear what you think and weigh that option, because he’s here to service the project.”

“…And then when you get on set, he just lets you loose, and when he’s quiet, you’re doing your job and he let me go loose as you can see.” he continued. “…I had an amazing time working with the cast, Megan, the rest of our cast, Taylor [Polidore Williams], Shannon [Wallace], Joe [Joseph Lee Anderson], Debbie Morgan, Richard Lawson. We were all locked in, you know, and this was an amazing opportunity for us all. So, you know, hopefully people will enjoy the film.”

Watch the full interview above Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black is now streaming on Prime Video.