Minx, which had a season two renewal from HBO Max, has now had that second season order rescinded and the show is canceled at the streamer.

The news that HBO Max undid their season 2 renewal of the drama about the beginnings of the first erotic magazine for women Monday, even though the second season has mostly completed production. Lionsgate has told The Hollywood Reporter that it will shop the second season to other outlets.

“We have enjoyed a good partnership with HBO Max and are working closely to find a new opportunity for Minx, so current and new viewers can continue this journey with us,” said Lionsgate.

Starring Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Michael Angarano, Oscar Montoya and Lennon Parham and created by showrunner Ellen Rapoport, the series is the latest cancellation Warner Bros. Discovery has done in order to cut costs. But, like Batgirl and TBS series Chad, it’s also another cancellation that disregards the fact that a semi-finished product is already in place. Batgirl had wrapped filming before it was cancelled, and Chad was also finished filming its second season before getting the axe. (Chad has since been picked up at Roku.)

It’s also another cancellation that signifies HBO Max and other Warner Bros. Discovery properties are steering away from diverse projects. While Minx explored the world of female sexuality and eroticism, other projects, such as Batgirl, Chad, Sweet Life: Los Angeles, Legendary (which was also cancelled recently)and others have exclusively catered to Black, Brown, and/or LGBTQ audiences.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Discovery estimates to investors that because of the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Warner Bros. Discovery will find $3.5 billion in cost savings, leading to president and CEO David Zaslav to make these drastic cuts.