Love and happiness amid violence and intrigue is the theme of the latest trailer and new poster art for Prime Video’s upcoming series Mr. & Mrs. Smith, starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine.

Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” sets the tone for the trailer, which shows Glover and Erskine discovering their love for each other as they try to fulfill their spy mission. The mission tests their relationship and their personal fortitude as spies. Get ready to see two spies nearly vomit over trying to dispose of a body.

Glover, who is also co-creator with Francesca Sloane, said in a recent featurette how they wanted to make the action mean more by toning things “down to a two so that when you did something that was a 10, it felt like a 100.” He also described the characters as “C students in an AP class” who didn’t belong.

In a letter, Sloane described the series as one about morality and humanity, writing, “2020 had a lot of us reflecting on our humanity, on our mortality, on who and what we kept close, on what we valued, on our loneliness. We used this ethos as the backbone and foundation of our take, our re-mix, of MR. & MRS. SMITH.”

“…On our show, we go on the journey of seeing these two ordinary people become extraordinary. We watch them become stronger spies but more vulnerable humans,” she continued.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith comes to Prime Video on Feb. 2.