UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the salary renegotations were successful.

Their report states, Sources say Capri, Genao, Gray and Tinoco all negotiated together, with Netflix adding in Garcia to the mix. The four leads will see their $20,000-per episode fee that they earned for the first two seasons jump to $65,000 per-episode for season three. That deal was made for a 10-episode season. Since season three consists of eight episodes, that brings them to $81,250 per episode. The deal also includes a bump from $650,000 to $850,000 for a potential fourth season and $1.05 million for a potential fifth.  As part of the renegotiations, Netflix added co-star Garcia — who was promoted to series regular in season two after recurring in its freshman run — to the mix. She, too, will be part of the same salary structure as the show’s four original leads.” The report continues, “Still, while the cast is happy with the new deals, the new deals are far short of what the supporting cast of 13 Reasons Why are earning for the upcoming third season (and beyond). The On My Block leads had been looking for an offer comparable with the supporting cast of the YA drama, which is considered a bigger show both domestically and internationally, sources say.”

Shadow And Act has reached out to Netflix for comment.


Previously reported: On My Block is back in production for Season 3.

The news was announced on social media:

This comes after multiple reports of a weeks-long standoff between the lead actors (Sierra Capri, Brett Gray, Jason Genao and Diego Tinoco) and Netflix over a salary increase. Shadow And Act has reached out to Netflix for comment on if a result in the alleged dispute had been reached. (Note: Jessica Marie Garcia, the cast’s fifth series regular who was upped to the main cast in Season 2 after recurring in Season 1, was never mentioned in the contract renegotiation reports).

It was reported in June that the show’s four leads were in fierce contract renegotiations, “seeking salary raises that would take them from the $20,000-per-episode fee they earned for the first two seasons to bumps that are comparable with the young ensemble cast of fellow Netflix breakout 13 Reasons Why.”

A later report in July said that both sides were at an impasse. It was reported that the camp of the four actors went into negotiations with a $250,000 per episode request, which was countered by Netflix for $40,000, to which the actor’s camp re-countered with $225,000 an episode. Since then, there have not been any further updates, with the actor’s reps still awaiting a Netflix response. Keep in mind, though the series was renewed for Season 3, the actors’ options were not picked up.

On My Block has been a darling for critics and has a massive fan following. A testament to the show’s popularity is the massive following that its stars have on social media, after being mostly unknown prior to the show’s premiere. And, as pointed out by the report, On My Block is typically used by the streaming giant to show their commitment to diversity and inclusion, especially after the cancellation of One Day at a Time. 

Co-created by Lauren Iungerich (Awkward), Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft (All Eyez on Me), the series is a coming-of-age comedy-drama about four bright and street-savvy friends navigating their way through the triumph, pain and the newness of high school set in the rough inner city. It’s set in a predominantly Hispanic and African-American part of South Central Los Angeles and follows a fearless foursome as they enter high school and confront the challenges of adolescence and their neighborhood.





Report: ‘On My Block’ Season 3 ‘In Limbo’ As Leads And Netflix Remain At Standstill In Salary Renegotiations

‘On My Block’ Renewed For Season 3 At Netflix


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