The Pose series finale was undoubtedly sad with a major character’s death. But the series also left an opening for FX to come back to the world created by Steven Canals.

Canals talked with TVLine about the finale ending with new kids coming into the House of Evangelista. He said “there’s certainly room for us to go back” and create a spinoff that follows the new house members.

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“I’ve always loved the Marvel films, and one of the things that I’ve always loved is that they have those little teasers at the end of the film that whet your appetite for the next film. So I think because of that, to me, that moment of seeing the new family feels kind of like a little wink wink, nod nod to that.”

He added that even though the finale gives wiggle room to come back to the world of Pose, he said “it wasn’t done explicitly with the intention of saying, ‘Yes, there will be a spinoff.'”

More importantly, Canals said the ending shows how the ballroom community acts as a family to new generations.

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“I think in truth, the reason for [the final scenes] had everything to do with indicating to our audience that our cycle continues, and life goes on, and this community will continue to exist and will continue to bring in new crops of kids and continue to support one another and show up for one another,” he said. “Throughout the first season, I was always asked by fans who are not familiar with ballroom: ‘Does it still exist? Is ballroom still thriving?’ Or I would have fans approach me and say, ‘I really wish I could’ve attended a ball back in those days.’ And it’s like, ‘You can still attend a ball now!’ The ball community is still thriving. It’s still doing really well. It’s global…It’s still a really important safety net for queer and trans people.”

Not only is there an opportunity for a sequel series, but also a prequel series about the early days of the House of Abundance.

When the episode “The Trunk” aired, Canals tweeted positively to a fan who said they would love to see a series about the days when Blanca was a member of Elektra’s house. “If we ever reboot [Pose] this could be a really interesting way to tell the story!” he tweeted in May.