There’s been a lot of talk if Suits‘ renewed popularity on Netflix would spur Hollywood into creating a new chapter to the franchise. Turns out that is actually happening.

According to Deadline, Suits creator Aaron Korsh is developing a new Suits series at NBCUniversal, with deals currently in negotiation. The article states that the series is being “fast-tracked with a serious commitment.”

Somehow, the series isn’t being billed as a “spinoff” even though conventional TV industry wisdom suggests that to the average person, it would be called just that. Instead, Deadline reports that the new series isn’t a revival, reboot, or a spinoff (like the Gina Torres-led series Pearson). The new series will be along the lines of a CSI or a NCIS with brand new characters and will be set in Los Angeles instead of New York City.

Fans might have hoped that Pearson would get another look after Suits reruns became popular on Netflix and subsequently on Peacock, which has been advertising the series in an effort to capitalize on the Netflix boom. Since the new series is supposed to not feature any past characters, it seems like any hope might have been killed. But as with anything in Hollywood, nothing’s ever over, so perhaps if Suits and Pearson remains in the forefront of fans’ thoughts, Torres might still have a chance to revisit the Suits universe.