Unfortunately, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard viewers won’t be seeing Jordan Emanuel and other stars on their small screens any time soon as the network put the show on pause. A potential production date for a third season has yet to be determined.

Other pauses have taken effect, with The Real Housewives of Atlanta being on a long production pause ahead of Season 16’s current production amid a cast shakeup. Vanderpump Rules is also on a production hiatus ahead of the show’s 12th season following the Scandoval fallout. But the reason for the SHMV is unknown. 

Shortly after the reunion special aired on Watch What Happens Live, the pause was announced to fans’ shock. 

“I’m in the same boat as y’all. I know nothing. I am Jon Snow,” Emanuel recently told OK! magazine, referencing the Game of Thrones character.

The show was the first to give reality show viewers a glimpse of Black life on Martha’s Vineyard and one of the few series overall to focus on Black professionals focused on building community and positive representation. It’s a show she’s proud to be part of.

“I think it’s always scary to be the first in something,” Emanuel said. “My friend used to tell me ‘When you create your own lane, you’re always gonna cause traffic,’ and that’s what I felt happened with with Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. We were creating a lane that happened and that is risky,” she notes.

Emanuel used the platform to open up about life with alopecia and how she lives with the autoimmune disease.

“I had no idea in I had no idea it impacted so many people,” the former Playboy playmate said. “I had no idea until my inbox started flooding with all these messages saying, ‘Thank you so much.’ That’s the part that makes it worth it, but there is that small insecurity of mine that I’m like, ‘D**m, I showed that to everybody, and I can’t take it back.'”