Adding to HBO’s newly-earned reputation as a channel brimming with diverse content, artist and director Terence Nance is offering a subversive look at contemporary American life with his new late-night series Random Acts of Flyness. Set to premiere on HBO on August 3, the show will explore issues that are seemingly still gaining traction within the zeitgeist such as patriarchy, white supremacy, blackness, trauma, love and “blackface.” Fans of Nance will remember that his directorial debut, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, premiered at Sundance in 2012 to critical acclaim.

Described by Nance as a show that tackles “the beauty and ugliness of contemporary American life,” Random Acts of Flyness will contain six episodes that will serve as interconnected vignettes that showcase a combination of established and undiscovered talent. It looks like Nance will be altering the anthology format made famous by The Twilight Zone (courtesy of Rod Serling) by incorporating more of a social justice angle with a subversive touch.

The show will also draw from a mix of genres from documentaries to animation to drama and music. Taking cues from The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling, Nance will direct, write, musically compose, executive produce and appear in all six episodes, which will include an appearance from the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Dominique Fishback and Adepero Oduye. The first episode will kick off with an encounter by the New York Police Department, which will open the door for meditations on police brutality, a parody infomercial for ointment meant to eradicate “white thoughts,” and a talk show portion devoted to the topic of sexuality in the black community.

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