The Boys are back!

The hit series has returned for its fourth season, with the group of vigilantes continuing their quest to expose the truth about The Seven and Vought. This time, they’re bringing some new folks along for the ride.

New Characters: Sister Sage and Firecracker in 'The Boys'

Showrunner Eric Kripke discussed the decision to introduce two vastly different types of characters, Sister Sage and Firecracker, to The Boys latest installment. 

“There was no pressure to put them in,” Kripke told Blavity’s Shadow and Act. “It was just more about what would be interesting for the story. For Sage, she came from this notion of Homelander being surrounded by idiots, and how much more dangerous he would be if surrounded by smart people. So we said, what if we have a superhero who’s the smartest on earth, and put her next to Homelander? And how dangerous that would be. That’s where Sage came from.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene inspired Firecracker on 'The Boys'

Kripke continued, “Then, for Firecracker, in the couple of years since we did Season 3, there’s been this Marjorie Taylor Greene phenomenon of a super right-wing woman packing pistols and bragging about shooting puppies. To create a character who resembled that felt like bringing in a sidekick even wilder than Homelander.”

Fans meet Susan Hayward’s character, Sister Sage, at a safe haven she’s discovered for her own protection. After a failed stint in the publicity world with Teenage Kix, she’s learned she has no desire for the Vought machine world and is looking for something to reel her back in. 

“Sage has taught me how important it is to find your people,” Hayward said. “Find the people who surprise you, who make you feel good, and how to build community rather than isolating.”

Another newcomer, Firecracker, is thriving in her chosen field and seems to be at the top of her game. Actor Valorie Curry said it is time for her character to capitalize on her existence on the margins and brand herself accordingly. 

“She is an unlikely person to be thrust into the center of power and the public eye,” Curry said. “Playing Firecracker on a show like The Boys has given me an opportunity to go a lot further as a performer and feel really free in a way that I have never had the opportunity to do. She’s so big and expansive. It was freeing to energetically explode.”

Ashley Barrett: Rising Desperation

On the contrary, Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) has entered a new level of desperation. 

“We open the season with Ashley actually plugging away at keeping Vought alive and keeping the superheroes looking as shiny and amazing as they need to look in order for the company to stay afloat.” Minifie said. 

“Working on The Boys, the longest job I’ve ever had, I have grown completely as a human being. Ashley has taught me a lot, including not to take stress out on yourself. She takes a lot of stress out on her body, and I have found crafts instead,” she said with a laugh.

The first three episodes of Season 4 of The Boys are currently available for streaming, with new episodes arriving weekly on Thursday nights until July 17.