Halle Bailey, an Aries queen, turns 22 years old today. While she may be young, this rising singer and actor has already made quite the name for herself.

Let’s recap Bailey‘s life in the limelight in honor of her birthday.

Early gigs

Starting off with the earliest stage of her career, we have to acknowledge some of Bailey’s past acting roles. She starred in the hit Last Holiday film in 2006, and this was followed by an appearance on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne a year later.

She and her older sister, Chlöe Bailey, later went on to star in Let It Shine in 2012, and their singing careers launched shortly thereafter.

Rising stardom

With the launch of a 4-track EP in 2013, Chloe x Halle was created just as Halle Bailey was entering her teenage years.

Toward the end of that year, the Georgia-born sisters uploaded a life-changing cover of “Pretty Hurts” that ultimately caught the attention of Beyoncé, who went on to essentially take Chloe x Halle under her wing.

Adulthood moves

After a series of smaller-scale projects—such as an EP, a mixtape, and some minor acting roles—Halle Bailey really began to achieve new career heights once she hit adulthood in 2018. That year, she and her sister began starring in Grown-ish, a spin-off of the hit Black-ish series.

Notably, the sisters unveiled their debut commercial album, The Kids Are Alright, in 2018 as well.

Success of "Ungodly Hour"

While Halle Bailey’s 2018 projects really helped put her and her sister on the map, it was their second studio album, Ungodly Hour, that truly made Chloe x Halle a household name.

The track spawned a number of well-received tracks, with the most popular being “Do It.” This song was also remixed with a star-studded lineup of City Girls, Doja Cat, and Latto.

Personal evolution

Coinciding with the success of Ungodly Hour were the Baileys’ personal-level evolutions.

While Chlöe Bailey has found herself on the receiving end of stark criticism, Halle has maintained a lower profile by comparison. However, don’t get it twisted: Halle isn’t afraid to clap back and put haters in their place, as Blavity previously reported.

At the same time, she has also built up a reputation as someone who is “soft, sweet, and somewhat of a mystery” while still retaining the boldness for which Aries-placements are infamous. At the same time, Twitter also loves to gush over how easygoing Halle appears to be.

Upcoming projects

As fans await Chloe x Halle’s next project, Chlöe Bailey has embarked on a solo career, and she’s even gearing up to drop her debut solo album.

While Halle Bailey hasn’t ventured into solo singles just yet, she has been making money moves in the acting department. Last summer, Halle wrapped filming of The Little Mermaid, in which she will star as Ariel.

Additionally, this superstar is also starring in the remake of The Color Purple, as she will play the younger version of Nettie. Both projects are anticipated to drop next year.

Happy birthday, Halle Bailey!