A newly circulated video from a high school walkout has Twitter users shaking their heads in disappointment. 

"Y'all so a High school had a walkout today, and this lil yt girl had said this [sic]," reads the beginning of the 18-second video.

All attention is then on the student in question, speaking in front of a crowd with a microphone.

"I am so glad that years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, the first Black man, ended slavery. 'Cause if not, people would be whipped every day," she passionately stated.

Once the video started gaining traction, social media users began sharing their thoughts on the topic, and they sure had a lot to say.

Many understandably expressed their disbelief by sharing popular memes and pop culture references.

Other meme-filled reactions centered around the fact that this misinformation was shared during a school walkout, with many suggesting she go back into class.

However, others were more critical of the education system's approach to Black history and the gatekeeping of reputable information.

Still, most users' reactions leaned towards humor and second-hand embarrassment, especially over the passion in which the student shouted the misinformation.

Others cut up over the student's claim that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the first Black man, with one user bringing Ms. Harriet Tubman into the conversation.

Folks also applied some misinformation of their own and suggested that, since white people aren't getting it right anyway, we should just "Blackwash" history.

Notably, one user took this viral video as an opportunity to call further attention to the reason behind the students' walkout in the first place: police brutality in Wisconsin. 

Even if the student was trolling and not serious with her comments, the matter is disappointing and inappropriate. What do you think about the video?