Update: In true Tyler Perry series fashion, Cure’s Bobby was revealed to be very…not dead at the beginning of the latest episode.

Previously reported:

Season 5 of BET+’s Tyler Perry’s The Oval shocked viewers with a death (?) in the season premiere.

For the uninitiated, it will be hard to follow all the drama that happened during the hour-long premiere. But for all of the wild stuff that did happen–from drug overdoses to balcony fights to topical but out-of-pocket quotes invoking Donald Trump’s “Lock her up” chants at Hillary Clinton, the wildest part happens at the end, when Sam (Walter Fauntleroy) kills Bobby (Travis Cure) by shooting him multiple times in his hotel room.

As TV Line quotes, the episode ends with “an absolutely unhinged” quote from Bobby telling his wife, “Bitch, get home and wash my f****g clothes.” It certainly brings to mind Mehcad Brooks’ memed-to-death scene in A Fall from Grace, when his abusive character Shannon tells Grace (Crystal Fox), “Ashtray, bitch!”

There will be more unhinged antics on the way, since season 5 promises to lift “the veil of what can happen when the leader of the free world, his wife and family are crazed maniacs.”

The series also stars Ed Quinn Kron Moore, Javon Johnson, Ptosha Storey, Vaughn Hebron, Teesha Renee, Daniel Croix Henderson, Lodric D. Collins, Ciera Payton, Taja V. Simpson, Brad Benedict, Matthew Law, Bill Barrett, Derek A. Dixon, Nick Barrotta, Nelson estevez, Kaye Singleton and Russell Thomas.