As of 2024, only 19 celebrities in all of Hollywood have been able to join the prestigious EGOT club. If you’re not familiar, the acronym stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony – arguably the four most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. Being able to nab all four in one lifetime is no easy feat and less than half of the total winners are Black, despite the tireless work put in by creatives of color in all facets. Only three Black women are on the list at this time, though H.E.R. and Lupita N’yongo are well on their way, already achieving multiple trophies each.

Richard Rodgers was the first ever EGOT winner in 1962, and Elton John began 2024 on a high note after winning an Emmy in January. Between those two, Black creators of various ages, from vastly different backgrounds have been celebrated by their contemporaries and fans for their contributions. Besides the two starlets already mentioned, you’ll find others who are nearing closer to collecting all four awards.

Black Celebrities with EGOT Status

Viola Davis

The latest entertainer to become an EGOT is industry favorite Viola Davis. At the 2023 Grammy Awards, she accepted a prize for her Finding Me audiobook, making her the 17th person in history to accomplish such a feat. Her Tonys came in 2001 and 2010 for appearing in productions of King Hedley II and Fences, and as Business Insider notes, she was presented an Oscar for the movie adaptation of the later title in 2016.

The year before, her work as Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder came with a much-deserved Emmy. “I wrote this book to honor the 6-year-old Viola. To honor her, her life, her joy, her trauma, everything. And it has just been such a journey. I just EGOT!” the 58-year-old gushed during her Grammys acceptance speech last February. Davis is just one of three Black women in the prestigious Hollywood group.

John Legend

John Legend is best known for his stunning, soul-filled R&B vocals, but he’s been making a name for himself as a creative far longer than most people realize. He began his road towards being an EGOT with his first Grammy in the Best New Artist category at 2006’s ceremony. That same year, he took home Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for “Ordinary People,” and Best R&B Album for Get Lifted.

The following years saw plenty more Grammy wins for Legend, but in 2014 he expanded his portfolio with an Oscar. Though he does have some acting experience, The Voice coach won that prize for his song “Glory” with Common, which appeared in Selma – a story of the 1964 civil rights marches through Alabama. The same joint track earned both men a Grammy in 2016, NBC reminds us. Not long after that, Legend completed his quest with a Tony and Emmy in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Whoopi Goldberg

Of the Black creatives holding EGOT status, Whoopi Goldberg is among the longest-standing members. After Puerto Rican multi-talent Rita Moreno became the first BIPOC to make the list, it took 25 years for Whoopi Goldberg to join her as the first Black woman. The Sister Act star was presented an Emmy and Tony in 2002, which helped her elevate to a place among the industry’s elite. The former trophy came for hosting Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel, a story about the first Black Oscar winner. Decades before then, her 1986 comedy album brought in a Grammy, and 1990’s Ghost resulted in an Academy Award.

Harry Belafonte

The late Harry Belafonte, who passed away in 2023, thankfully got his flowers from music and film lovers before his death. He’s best known for popularizing Trinbagonian Caribbean music throughout the 1950s, and his first Grammy came in 1961 for Best Folk Performance. Much later in his career, Belafonte’s legacy was commemorated as he was honored with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award as the millennium began.

His song, “Day-O” has been used in classic films like Beetlejuice, and he was paving the way for today’s artists long before their birth. Belafonte was the first Black performer with an Emmy as of 1960, but Business Insider notes that his work was impactful far outside of providing entertainment. In 2014, the singer was recognized with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award after organizing “We Are the World” – a multi-artist single recorded to raise money for worthy causes throughout Africa.

Jennifer Hudson

Another two decades after Goldberg was celebrated for her impressive achievements, it was Jennifer Hudson’s turn. A Tony was the last award the Dreamgirls actress needed, and it was given to her in 2022 for A Strange Loop, meanwhile, the aforementioned musical earned the black-haired beauty an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. As she became an EGOT, Hudson pushed boundaries by becoming the youngest female EGOT winner in history, but she’s not showing signs of stopping anytime soon. Her current boyfriend isn’t far off from joining her, but we’ll tell you more about that later.

Quincy Jones

A lot of accolades have been listed above, but no one on our list has more awards than Quincy Jones. Between 1964 and 2019, the “Thriller” producer snagged 28 Grammy Awards, not to mention his prizes at other ceremonies. Before The Color Purple hit the big screen in 2023, his composing work on the project earned him a Tony in 2016. Long before that, his musical mind manifested an Emmy for crafting the music in 1977’s Roots. Much like Belafonte, Jones’ contributions to social activism have been recognized widely.

Black Creatives Who Might Join the EGOT Club Next


As promised, we’ve got details on how close J-Hud’s man is to becoming an EGOT. Before getting deep into his acting bag, Common was at the front and center of the music industry, which is how his first Grammy came to him. As per BuzzFeed, it was Love Of My Life: An Ode to Hip-Hop that caught critics’ attention, and the work he did with John Legend on “Glory” provided the Oscar he’d been seeking. Most recently, it was “Letter To The Free” from 13th that won Common a Primetime Emmy, leaving him with just a Tony to acquire until he can join Hudson, Legend, and other Black icons.

Cynthia Erivo

Everyone on our list has taken multiple albums, songs, or acting roles to help them acquire the coveted EGOT title, but Cynthia Erivo is a proponent of working smarter, not harder. She took on the emotionally challenging role of Celie Harris Johnson in The Color Purple, which paid off in more ways than just financially. The London-born beauty astounded audiences with her work and is now the proud owner of a Tony, Grammy, and Daytime Emmy, meaning she’s just an Oscar away from even more greatness.

Billy Porter

Another fashion icon who’s working toward an Academy Award is Billy Porter. The 54-year-old has been booked and busy in recent years, and can always be counted on to turn heads on a red carpet. Back in 2013, Kinky Boots added a Tony to his collection of trophies, and the next year it continued to grow with a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. Porter’s third title came in 2019 when Pose rightfully earned him an Emmy.