Wendy Williams’ life has been a hot topic for several years after she faced medical complications, personal woes and financial tragedy. Now, all of that is being discussed in the upcoming Lifetime documentary Where is Wendy Williams?, which has debuted its first trailer.

The project premieres on Feb. 24 and 25. Williams’ life will be on full display in this two-part documentary; Lifetime promises that Williams is “opening the doors to her private life like never before” and is giving “unparalleled access” to the network “to film with her and her family for nearly two years.” As Lifetime states, “what was captured was not what anyone expected.”

It’s hard to imagine what the cameras could have captured, but Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and programming head of A&E, Lifetime and LMN, said in a statement that fans will get all of the tea on Williams and her life.

“Wendy has been a part of the Lifetime family for over a decade and during that time, we partnered with Wendy for her revealing biopic and doc,” she said. “But her story is not finished. There is so much more to it. Nobody truly knew the depths of Wendy’s reality so we hope that what our cameras captured can help shine a light on what she is facing now.”

Creature Films executive producer Mark Ford also said, “This was a complex project–and it became a labor of love for everyone involved. We are grateful to Wendy and her family for their utmost commitment to honesty, even when painful–in this documentary.”

Williams is quoted in the documentary as saying, “I’m gonna tell you something, if it happens to me, it could happen to you.”

Here’s more about the documentary:

Over the course of nearly two years, cameras chronicled the former television host and radio star Wendy Williams’ on the next phase of her life, following the end of her iconic talk show. The documentary provides a raw, honest and unfiltered reality of Wendy’s life after she was placed under financial guardianship, shedding light on the vulnerabilities that has turned Wendy into the Hot Topic herself. Suffering mental and physical issues, Wendy’s delicate state of mind, erratic behavior and declining health were all captured by the cameras. Where is Wendy Williams? is the story of Wendy’s journey to resurrect her career, and what filmmakers discovered along the way. But many questions remain – who truly has Wendy’s best interest at heart? Is she healthy now? And Where is Wendy Williams?

Lifetime will air messaging supporting resources like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), NAMI for Mental Health Resources, and information about lymphedema and Graves’s Disease. And for ultra Williams fans, Lifetime will air biopic Wendy Williams: The Movie and her 2021 documentary, Wendy Williams: What a Mess, Feb. 23, the day before the new documentary airs.

Williams produces the documentary with her son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., along with Tara Long, Mark Ford, Pat Lambert and showrunner Erica Hanson. Lifetime’s Brie Miranda Bryant also executive produces.

Watch the trailer below: