It's been two days since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and several updates have been reported, including the identity of the prime suspect.

Every time a major gun-related incident occurs — whether at schools or elsewhere — the subject of gun control is reignited. Many argue that discussing gun control days after a shooting is not the right time, while others, vehemently disagree.

According to NBC Miami, dozens of students from the Hollywood, Florida, South Broward High School are in the latter group. The students left their classes in protest of weak gun control laws. 

Students marched carrying signs with slogans such as "I should feel safe in school" and "Our lives matter."

A flyer from the rally read "We are angry and we want safety," and presented a list of demands for lawmakers, including “extensive background checks,” “elimination of the gun show loophole” and to “stop lobbying from the NRA.”

In particular, the students voiced their concerns at President Donald Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio's responses to the tragedy, feeling that both left much to be desired. Rubio was accused of being in the pocket of the National Rifle Association (NRA); the senator has accepted over $3.3 million in campaign money from the NRA, the New York Times reports. 

Wednesday's school shooting resulted in the deaths of 17 people in total.