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If Trump Is Truly Concerned About America's National Security, He Should Know Most Of America's Terrorists Are White

Damn, Donald. WTF Islam Do to You?

In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Pres. Donald Trump’s travel ban against five predominantly Muslim countries as well as North Korea and Venezuela. The order was originally implemented in January 2017, but was challenged and rejected twice by lower courts across the country. The state of Hawaii filed a lawsuit charging the order was unconstitutional. On Tuesday, according to the highest court’s ruling, the order in its third round is well within the parameters of executive authority. So basically, Trump can do whatever the f**k he wants as per usual.

This news adds yet another blemish to this country’s faltering reputation--just when Kanye thought America was trying to be great. While those in favor of the travel restriction and the SCOTUS ruling argue the former is in the name of national security and the latter affirms the laws of the land, its opposers know better than that.

                                                                           Photo: Dear White People | Netflix

With much amuck on the homefront, it is ridiculous watching how much ado surrounds fictive threats of non-white, non-American groups. What’s really good, pu**ygrabber? What’s so great about blocking Islamic immigrants, refugees, and travelers? Dafuq they done to you?

Trump's aversion to Islam is old news. Thus, his dogged attempts to erase Muslim presence in the U.S. is unsurprising and quite scammy. Though the president’s antipathy for Islam is reinforced through a series of antagonistic comments and tweets, it is quasi-concern at best. It started long before his presidency and is predicated by a hard-on for former-President Barack Obama, and racist, white supremacist principles.

As a below-average (personality, intellect and looks all included) white man, Trump cannot get past Obama’s straightlaced trajectory, nor his achievements as a black man. Hence, his attempts to sabotage Obama’s legacy and policy created by the Obama administration, specifically the Affordable Care Act. This white supremacist strategy is also vintage. Trump’s racialized acts are in step with white American tradition and history--particularly of the Reconstruction Period--and basically how we’ve gotten here. Between 1865 and 1866, President Andrew Johnson’s administration passed legislation which upheld restrictive “black codes” to control and shut out free and newly manumitted African-Americans. Sound familiar? Only Trump’s scheme is four-fold due to a conflation of Islamophobia with his hatred for Obama, and the misguided displacement projected onto black and brown people appeases white supremacy. White inferiority is one helluva drug and the SCOTUS is here for it--always has been.

The argument that the U.S. Supreme Court holds up the Constitution is shiftless, and shady since the constitution has been unconstitutional for years. Lest we forget once upon a time in America, the Constitution sanctioned black captivity for an entire 89 years and has supported the crimes against humanity for the last 166 years. And here we are.

In the past few years, the nation has witnessed a string of domestic terrorism carried out by the worst of white men- (and boys) who have exercised extreme violence over American people, specifically blacks. These deplorable heathens have shot up churches and schools, killed innocent victims and disturbed the peace at rallies and campaigns

"Far-right extremists are behind far more plots and attacks than Islamist extremists." says Huffington Post, based on a 2008-2016 report from The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund and The Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal. If that is not the first concern of national security for the safety of American people, then I don’t know what else is.

It’s time to change the channel on this administration. It has become a regular shitshow. Melania--come and get ya mans. 

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Ida Harris is a current News Editor for Blavity. She is a native New Yorker, sowing seeds in Atlanta. She is savvy with standard English, but poetic with Black Vernacular. She's been known to f*ck up some Oxford commas. When she is not reciting Trap music quotables, she’s writing for The Root, Elle, USA TODAY, DAME magazine and MyBrownBaby. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Word2MUVA column.