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Joe Neguse Is The First Eritrean-American To Be Elected To U.S. Congress

He is also the first Eritrean-American in Congress.

There are levels to the history made by U.S. Representative-elect Joe Neguse during Tuesday's midterm elections.

Neguse will not only be the first Black person to represent Colorado in Congress, but he'll also be the first Eritrean-American elected to Congress.

Neguse handily defeated Republican candidate Peter Yu in the race to represent Colorado's 2nd District by securing nearly 60 percent of the vote, reports CBS Denver. Yu only had 34 percent of the vote while independent candidate Nick Thomas received 3.4 percent of votes. Libertarian Roger Barris came in the last place with 1.9 percent.

He will represent the state’s 2nd Congressional District and will serve as the successor of Jared Polis, who will soon be the nation's first openly gay governor-elect.

“With so much vitriol right now in Washington and our political system, we must remember that, while fear is contagious, so is hope,” Neguse said in a statement to The Coloradoan. "Tonight, I am deeply hopeful for the future of our country, as we work together to rebuild our democracy."

Neguse’s parents immigrated from the East African nation of Eritrea to escape a war. After they were granted asylum, they became naturalized citizens. His parents’ journey molded him into becoming a passionate advocate for immigrant rights.

"How could I not [want to serve in Congress], when I think about my parents who immigrated to this country 35 years ago and how different their lives would be and my life would be if they tried to immigrate today," Neguse said while campaigning during the primaries. "Just fundamentally, everything is at stake this election."

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