Kelly Rowland admitted one of her most regrettable moments was when she accidentally spilled the beans about the gender of Blu Ivy before Beyoncé and Jay-Z had the chance to do so.

The Destiny’s Child member was a recent guest on the Yeah, I F**ked That Up podcast hosted by Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Billy Mann. Right before the interview wrapped, he asked the mother of two what’s the “biggest mistake” she’d ever made in an interview. Without hesitation, she mentioned when she accidentally revealed her bandmate and best friend Beyoncé was having a baby girl when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

“Oh, my God! When I made a mistake and told the sex of Bey’s baby, like when she was pregnant Blu,” the singer told Mann. “That was the worst moment ever, the worst moment ever.”


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In 2011, Rowland accidentally revealed the gender of Blue Ivy, who is now 11 years old and performing on tour with her mother, when talking about baby shower gifts, according to ET Online.

“Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won’t be spoiled, but she will be very well looked after,” she told a reporter at Bang Showbiz, which quickly made headlines.

She was adamant that the unforgettable incident was a genuine mistake because she would never want to ruin a special time for someone else, especially when the details were not about her.

“And it was like such a mistake cause I was like, ‘yeah and she…,’ I was like what are they talking about?” she recalled. “‘Cause it was no one’s business.”

Rowland was mortified that she unintentionally took away from a special moment Bey and Jay when they were expecting their first child.

“I felt terrible ’cause it wasn’t my news. It was honestly the worst,” she said. “It wasn’t my news to share and I didn’t mean it like that. The ‘she’ just kind of slipped.”

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