Among her many accolades, singer Lauryn Hill is known for two things: releasing one of the finest albums of this generation and being notoriously late to every concert she holds. 

While on her London tour stop promoting the 20th anniversary of her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Hill, 43, decided to take her audience by surprise and show up just 20 minutes late for her scheduled performance.

A review of the "Doo Wop (That Thing)" singer's London show on Monday began by commending her for only arriving slightly tardy.

"'She’s on time!' A ripple of excitement has just gone through the O2 Arena. The lights have dimmed, and Lauryn Hill is as about as 'on time' as she'll ever be — just 20 minutes late," wrote Roisin O’Connor of U.K.-based site The Independent. 

Twitter users wasted no time praising the five-time Grammy winner for her newfound punctuality.

The bar has been set so low, fans can't help but feel thankful.

The unapologetic crooner and "CP Time" extraordinaire has driven plenty of irate and impatient fans away due to her past tardiness and providing a half-hearted apology following a seemingly short and lackluster performance.

Last month, on her Brussels and Parisian stops for the tour, Hill performed two hours past the scheduled time, blaming her lateness on European production adjustments.

"We apologize for the late start," her statement read. "We're working through the kinks of moving the production to Europe, with time changes and curfew restrictions, we've had a few challenges in these early shows."

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