When white people aren't calling the police on black people for mundane things, they’re assuming black people are the help. 

Chewing Gum actress and producer Michaela Coel said a fellow passenger on a Virgin Atlantic plane somehow mistook her for a flight attendant. 

The unidentified woman allegedly wanted Coel to clean up after her and change the in-flight temperature although Coel was not wearing anything remotely similar to that of a flight attendant.

To clear up any confusion for the next Becky, Coel tweeted a photo of herself on the flight alongside a photo of uniformed Virgin Atlantic flight attendants. 

"Congratulations to Virgin Atlantic passengers once again! A lady just confused me for a hostess and asked me to clean up her mess and increase the flight temp," she wrote in a tweet. "What I’m wearing… what the staff are [sic] wearing."

Without mentioning the woman's race in the tweet, fans already knew this was some white foolishness. 

It is hard to say if this is another case of blind racism or just complete stupidity. Either way, Coel is still outchea shining. She’s slated to star alongside John Goodman in the eight-part Netflix and BBC drama Black Earth Rising.

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