Minnesota Reporter Fired After Sporting 'MAGA' Hat While On The Job

That'll learn ya.

Photo Credit: Screenshot

| October 08 2018,

1:25 pm

Kanye West isn't the only person catching heat for sporting "Make America Great Again" attire. 

Jim Bunner, a reporter for NBC affiliate KTTC of Minnesota, was fired Friday after being spotted wearing a MAGA hat while covering a local Trump rally. 

Bunner was seen standing outside of the Mayo Civic Center (no pun intended) in Rochester, Minnesota, wearing a jacket with the station’s logo along with the infamous red hat. Mark Vancleave, a video journalist for Minnesota’s Star Tribune, snapped a few photographs which he quickly uploaded to his Twitter with the caption "Whyyyyy?"

Bunner's actions ultimately left him asking "howwwww?" as in "how do I say goodbye?" His employment at KTTC was terminated the next day.

“He violated our policy, so he’s no longer with us,” KTTC news director Noel Sederstrom told BuzzFeed News. “We don’t allow our people to wear campaign clothing while on assignment.”

Bunner was also once accused of stalking a woman with whom he went on a date in 2012. Additionally, BuzzFeed News reports that much like his president, Bunner also has a hate crush on CNN. He once made a post that read, “You watch CNN to oogle Brooke, Kate, Erin, Brianna, Sunlen, and Poppy. Not for journalistic integrity.”

Well, now no one is looking to him for journalistic integrity either because he is unemployed. Life comes at you fast.

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